Well, we still love dill relish on a sausage of some kind. Sure there are sweet pickle relishes, relishes without mustard, and even ones without pickles of any kind.

Then there are fruit concoctions that claim to be relish. Note the word claim please.

Because your relish is what you say it is.  Its more than a statement or even a declaration, it’s a way of being.

Your customers see that about your company. They see, even sub-consciously, what you put your energy into and what drives your business. They know you better than you know you.


So ask your customers why they love you.

Know by heart what they say they cannot live without.

Because you live for THEIR relish.  Your business is there to create enthusiasm for them.

While its interesting what your relish is, knowing what your customers relish does more than keep the lights on. It keeps the doors open longer.

So ask the customers you have why they love you.                         Do it all the time.

Learn to love what they relish.                                Really, that’s the secret sauce of sales.

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