“I would have made this letter shorter but I didn’t have time.”  Some form of that quote has been attributed to Churchill, Woodrow, Wilson, Mark Twain, and others.


A customer of mine recently said I was a concisener. One who provides conciseness.


“That’s not even a word” I said.


He said “It is now.”


He said what I do better than anything is explain things simply and with the fewest words possible.


“Now, you pivot it also if the thought pattern is not working.” … “you redirect where things are going to a better, simpler path.”


“But my tools…but my frameworks….but my humor…” I protested.


All tools are the samethey make you think and get others to think using the same words” … “same with frameworks


“you net it out, simply”. “that’s a concisener, you make things clean and concise.”


I like to think my best work is my briefest work.


Like the French Mathematician Pascal who originally said in 1657 “I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.”


I know man, I feel your pain to this day…

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