I have always felt different. I think we all have some of that in us.


Mine was that very smart and very accurate information would appear in my head when I really needed it. I just thought it was me.


The information became exceedingly accurate. I could also read what people were angry about. I KNEW when cars would move in front of me.


I was told when I was 28 that I was a channel and a good one. This was a SHOCK. And then I laughed for 5 minutes, with tears of emotion popping in and out.


I do healer energy with my hands. I know of at least 3 different energies I can bring in, none of which seem to be Reiki BTW.


But I channel this energy called Michel the most.  They are a regrouping of beings who they say lived along with us when we all lived many years ago. The last of them finished living in the late 1500’s. They were Greek scholars, Druids and advisors to pharaohs.


They only answer questions asked. They don’t tell you about something that you cannot find by using good research instincts.  And they are freaking smart.


Not like really smart.   Like so smart, it’s freaky, smart. They are kind, considerate and appreciative. Last, they don’t tell you what to do.


They tell you how to look at choices and add information and perspective to it. But you make the choices. They advise, you decide.


I’m trying to make my business practice like that. I advise, you decide. Then we go from there. If you want, I have additional perspective that they can offer. Or not. I charge the same.


It’s weird having routine brilliance dropped into your headspace. But it helps. I’ve learned so much.


I hope I can pass along some of that compassion, brilliance, appreciation and kindness to my business customers.  That is what I profess to offer.

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