How we do it

Methodology for Innovation and Success


We start with a re-visioning session.

That defines a starting point for learning the growth process in place.

We start building your twelve-element strategic plan.


We set goals in the critical need areas of the strategic plan.

Goals are measurable, assignable, trackable and adjustable.

These four elements turn your hope into a strategy.


We combine your strategic plan with your goals to create your personalized business scorecard.

Most strategic plans end up becoming the least accessed folder in the cloud.

You have to be able to have the tools that consistently and constantly monitor your progress against the goals of your organization.

Of course, you also have to use them.


Steering a company is much like steering a boat.

There are plenty of urgent matters delaying action on innovations you need.

You have to constantly adapt to changing conditions.

Then shift your planning cycles into an adaptable strategic plan.


We have regular reviews of your business scorecard and strategic completions.

Publishing where you are relative to your strategic goals isn’t enough.

Reporting that emphasizes gaps decelerates everything.

Publishing completions and successes reduces the sense of going in circles.

Doing this frequently creates enrollment, accelerating the momentum.


We use a combination of coaching and consulting.

Some things just need a bit of skill or experience.

Creating success requires people to adjust and contribute to the direction.

That’s why we bring in coaching expertise.

To help your people advance along with the company.

Linking more of what you do to what’s important is what we do.

This does more than just create success.

It allows you to create the world you want.

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