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Michael North

Michael North

Co-Founder, Owner

Michael North is the co-founder and current owner of Emergent Horizon. He has 30 years of Sales, Project Management, Financial Operations and Personal Coaching background. He worked on clients as large as AT&T and the University of California system to small business owners and entrepreneurs around the San Francisco Bay Area and the US. He helps companies see how everything they do fits into the overall plan. His frameworks and tools improve and expand workflow, customer and employee satisfaction and profit.

Buddy North

Buddy North

Co-Founder, Mascot

Buddy North is the co-founder, former and forever mascot of Emergent Horizon. Whenever we are stumped as to what to do, we ask:           What would Buddy do?

The answer is always, wag your tail, bark and add enthusiasm. That is what we try to do with all our clients. Well, mostly it is add enthusiasm. Because enthusiasm is the step before manifestation, every time.

Things we find interesting:

Life is more than a glass of water, no matter how full it is.

There are some things you pour gasoline on and throw lit matches at.

Your relish says a lot about you.

Rewards are what the money is for.

Vacations produce results, especially before…

Great teams are both people and great work.

The world is slowly moving faster, dammit…

We change all the time and don’t take credit for it.

Good steering and stamina will get you where you need to go.

Use the right carrot.

Recognize bravery, its all around you.

Could Have is just Should in a nicer outfit.

Been there, done that, have all the requisite T shirts and besides, they don’t look good on me…

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