Find the right carrot...

It turns out the donkeys really do like carrots. They are actually very good for them. It’s the right reward for activity, at least if you are a donkey.

In study after study, researchers find that people are motivated by more than just money. Yet most employers won’t ask employees what motivates them besides the fact they get a paycheck.

That’s missing a huge opportunity. People are actually quite complex. Great employers provide a multitude of different types of rewards. The more control employees have over it, the better it actually works. Imagine that.

Everyone needs to know where you are as a company, where you headed, where the goal line is and what everyone gets when we get there. In every company we have worked with to date, we found that they under-emphasized rewards. Additional time spent by management clarifying and emphasizing rewards other than money has also increased productivity in every single one of our clients.

Besides hay which they love, donkeys like apples, bananas, pears, turnips and sugar beets when they don’t feel well.

One of our key goals when we work with any client is helping them find the right rewards besides money to help stimulate activity and results. To learn more about that, click here

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