A business acquaintance passed on recently. He was a very Christian man, owned a body shop. His first name was Brian.

Brian was immaculate in his work. His repair jobs were so good, you almost wanted to crash your car to see what how he would deal with it.

I met him through a leads group I am still in. He was President of it but that is like being President of a bank branch. Looks nice as a title.

Our leads group was examining whether or not to classify ourselves as something other than a tax paying business. There were many variations we looked at to avoid paying $800 a year to our dear State of California. Should we be a 501C3 or C4 or C5 or C6 or C7.

It got very frustrating at the decision meeting, after all the fact finding was done.

Finally, Brian said “what’s the RIGHT thing to do?”

mumble, mumble went the room.

“The right thing is to pay the taxes, that’s it and that’s what we are doing”

Now this decision cost me money as we all had to pay a portion.

But, it was a relief to hear him say that. To hear someone want to just hang in right action and the consequences were what they were.

Brian always did the right thing by himself and his family, friends and customers.

I hope I ask “What’s the right thing to do here?” more often.

Thank you Brian for that an all you did for others.

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