Most of the sugar beets grown in the US are grown near Lake Superior. There are no more organic sugar beets grown there.  We won’t eat food with Round Up in it, so anything with sugar beets is off our list. That is because if a food label says sugar on it, it almost certainly came from sugar beets. If it is from sugar cane, it will say so.

We have a client. They built their app in Flash many years ago now. They had no choice. There was no alternative.

Turns out that Flash is now no longer supported by Apple. It also turns out that the best market for this app is…………which is dominated by Apple. They are desperately working to convert it to HTML5 so it will run on every device.

But they waited, too, too long to convert and their competition did not. They are now swallowing a very bitter pill.

Does your business have a bitter pill that needs dealing with? Could the market shift on you and you get hung out to dry?

Sadly, it turns out that those sugar beet farmers are finding that fewer and fewer buyers want their product. It will be 3 to 4 years until they can switch back. If they start now.

Is there something you are not dealing with?

What is sweet today can become bitter tomorrow.

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