A graduate student walks up to Einstein and queries him with “Professor, you gave us the same physics test as last year?”

“yes, but this year the answers are different”

When I first heard that, I laughed out loud. Because in physics, it is sooooo true.

We have gravitational waves, for real, now, this year. Just a bit ago, it was the Higgs Boson and finding that energy can move faster than the speed of light just before that.

It’s true about life generally. So many things exist now that were fantasy 20 years ago.

Refresh your business every year. Refresh your website every 3 years completely.

Is your website easily displayed on a smartphone?


I usually get brought in when leadership wants to refresh the business direction or change the intention of the website plan.

I may not make sense for you now but I might down the road.

Because the answers will be different NEXT year , too.

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