Prospect like a miner...

The life and times of sweet spots


Prospecting for sales is like prospecting for gold. The best way to do it is to dig around until you find something and then dig like crazy there.

Prospecting is very hard work. If you believe the statistics, prospecting new clients is seven times harder than working with existing clients. So how is it that you can leverage the wisdom of working with existing clients when you’re out doing prospecting work?

The answer is: sweet spots. Sweet spots are what we call the customer sets that you work with best. The best place to look for who you work with best is by understanding who you already serve well. You have to understand what it is the customers find so attractive about you that they will spend their hard-earned money on your magic.

Ultimately, the goal of any organizations is to sell to customers that are easy to service and maintain. That’s what gets you out of emergency mode every day. Customers that scream for attention are customers that probably aren’t the ones best suited for your value proposition. Your job is to find places where there are more of the kinds of people that are ready love you.

Trying to discover who might love you is so much less efficient. That’s why we focus on working with your sweet spots to build your sales. If you’d like to know more about that click here.

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