I worked at a McDonalds for 46 months, 15 days, 8 and a half hours. But who is counting.

After 6 months there, you can do anything. They replace a crew every 6 months by average, so I became very senior, very fast.

It was the perfect job for a college student. My skill variety and experience meant I could pick my shifts and work stations and they were glad to have me.  Never became Management because you lose that freedom and flexibility.

My favorite place was drive-thru, at the window. I took those angry orders, I heard those stomachs and voices growl.

I loved it.

They would have settled down some by the time I slid the window open and confirmed their order one last time.

They pay and the magic happens.

The food would be handed into the vehicle and the occupants fear, pain and anxiety melt away. Maybe not completely as I slid the window closed.

But they were on their way to being better.

I loved taking their problem and pain and shifting and sending them on their way, better off.

I get to do that in coaching clients too. You bring in your needs and your pain.

I offer a menu of choices to make some of that pain go away.  You pick what helps you and away we go.

The better news is that the transaction is longer now. I work with most people for at least 6 months, some for many years.  I really like that.

I cannot go back to being a window jockey again. Those days are gone. But I come close now.

Or as Twain said…”History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.”

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