We mostly coach with consulting thrown in when needed.


Coaches have one job…..encourage…….


We ask 4 questions of our clients.

  • Do they understand where they are?

  • Do they have clear goals people buy into?

  • Do they have a plan to get to the goals?

  • Do people understand the rewards that happen if the goal is reach?


Most of what we help client with is creating their plan to get to goals and adjusting the plan when reality strikes.


We suggest that when you do this, you ban the words “Should” but especially “Could Have” from these conversations that you hold within your company.


They are used when reviewing how we got here. They always, always inflict emotional distress against someone when you use them.


Not using the word should is obvious if you are a coach. But can we be tempted to say “well, you could have done this instead.”


It becomes passive-aggressive after a while. It doesn’t change where we are either. Besides, your coach is here to encourage, not judge.


So replace your “could haves” with “what can we do now”.


That spins you back towards the goal. It realigns people forward.


We hope to en-courage our clients.


What you can do now is click here to learn more about how we do that.

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