Kaiser Permanente Health Care sends us this email. The title is “We are changing for the better!

It’s from Kaiser, so we all draw our own conclusions about how accurate that subject line is.

For some reason, we ask ourselves:
• Can we stop change?
• Can you know if change works?
• How do we know if change is for the better?

Then it hits us:

All you can do is STEER change, not STOP it or PREDICT its outcome.

The four things every business must do are: know its position, have a goal, have rewards and STEER.

Steering is the emotional activity decided on by humans to keep working towards some goal. The more we can teach our clients to steer, to make decisions towards a goal, the better they seem to do.

Kaiser hasn’t found its sweet spot just yet. But they are looking, hard.

To learn more about how we can help you find your sweet spot,  click here

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