Sometimes you steer, sometimes you sail...

Most of us have been on a boat at least once in our lives. Some of those boats might have been large ships or perhaps they were just rowboats on a small lake. But being on a boat requires you only do two things. You steer it and you propel it. Most of the time it’s forward and sometimes it’s not.

Running your business is the same way. You make sales to propel you and your clients forward. You add staff, products and systems to help steer future sales in a better direction.

So many companies waste valuable sales time worrying about how to keep the boat afloat. They change course frequently and even almost randomly. They don’t know what to sail towards. They need to focus on sweet spots.

Sweet spots are the clients and markets you serve best. Sales to these clients give you the lowest amount of customer service issues. They make for the easiest sales. They provide the best campaign results. They get you out of emergency mode and into revenue acceleration mode.

You have to steer the company towards the client that you absolutely satisfy expertly. That is what separates great companies from companies just waiting to sink.

Are you doing that now? If not, when are you going to start? We can help you here.

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