How the Big Cheese people do it...

A recent study said that cheese was just as addicting as heroin, which is a lie. Cheese is actually more addicting. We’ve had the privilege of talking to a number of big cheeses at some fairly large companies. We are told repeatedly that the key to making the big cheese or becoming a big cheese is by constantly using process.


Process is just the codification of activity. It makes it easier because you don’t have to remember as much. It creates more consistent outputs. It provides more flow in the organization because process helps reduce the friction from badly operated activities.


Technology is just machines doing process for us. Not everyone welcomes new technology at first but most people learn that resistance is futile. How many people really want to go back to black and white TVs with rabbit ears? But overlaying technology on a broken process won’t improve results. Badly implemented technology creates resentment by anyone who uses it. Process is the key then. That is where improvement starts. Unless it is processed cheese…. That stuff is like crack.

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